1. The Asylum3:59
  2. The White Family4:34
  3. The Forbidden Room4:02
  4. Strange Visitor2:36
  5. Panic On The Third Floor3:15
  6. You're Not God4:12
  7. I Will Be Executed3:17
  8. The Secret3:06
  9. The Suicide5:32
  10. Let Me Take Care Of The Baby4:05
  11. Doctor White's Failure2:18
  12. Chained To The Ground1:34

Official Video

The Asylum

Release Date : May 20, 2016
Catalog ref. : PRC64
Format : CD

Asylum is the first offering of the band. Its music and vocals have been written to complement its spooky lyrical concept. Packed with lots of melody, heavy riffing, aggressive moments and memorable guitar solos, Asylum is a very strong debut for Vortex and will appeal to Melodic, modern, and old school death metal fans.