1. Lighthouse Part I7:17
  2. Offshore4:25
  3. Conscription3:10
  4. At War6:06
  5. Battle of the Atlantic5:09
  6. Strategy of Terror3:52
  7. December 1941 (The Capsizing)4:21
  8. Funerals2:27
  9. The Last Moments of War7:44
  10. The Exile4:10
  11. Lighthouse Part II11:50

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The story behind Lighthouse

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Release Date : December 14, 2018
Catalog ref. : PRC113
Format : CD

After playing more than a hundred shows to support Asylum, band members found a common interest toward movie scores and orchestral death metal and decided on a major shift in musical direction. Filled with emotion, drama and heaviness, Lighthouse is an epic symphonic death metal album where the band found its sound and really came together.