The Future Remains In Oblivion (CD)





Rimouski’s Quebec’s Vortex is now streaming its third epic concept album set to aggressive and beautiful orchestral melodic death metal with hints of black metal. Each song in “The Future Remains In Oblivion” is one chapter in their well-written sci-fi tale and there is a build-up in intensity and emotion that goes along with the storyline and the lyrics as you traverse the album. They share their thoughts:

“This is an orchestral death metal album with plenty of heavy riffing and melodies, technical vocals, and epic soloing. Some of the songs are riff-oriented and some others had the orchestra and melodies written before the drums and the guitars. We wrote all the lyrics before the music to make sure that it would fit the feel and emotion of each song/part of the story. When we start writing a song, we know exactly what feeling and emotion we are aiming at, it’s a good way to push ourselves creatively and write thoughtful music.”

Those familiar with the previous albums will note that they were more on the ambient/dramatic side. The new album’s songs are still melodic/orchestral but much more aggressive and some of them have a black metal influence. Vortex’s goal was to create songs that would have a greater impact on their live shows, and these aggressive songs will work well live. They feel the album is a good combination of aggression/melody, and ugliness/beauty.

Creativity and storytelling are the key tenets of Vortex. Their masterful lyric writing is equally matched with their prowess in devising riffs, and orchestrations. They will transport the listener into a new world and are recommended for fans of Lorna Shore, Dimmu Borgir, and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Track Listing:​
1. From The Sun (5:24)
2. Downfall (4:11)
3. The Fool (3:13)
4. The Walls (4:32)
5. Our Possible End (4:23)
6. First Blood (4:29)
7. The Future Remains In Oblivion (4:50)
8. When No More Words Will Be Heard (5:22)
Album Length: 36:29

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